Royal Venture Club de France

Club de Motards réunis autour de la Yamaha Venture Royale

Presentation of the Royal Venture Club of France


The Venture Club de France was founded in 1993. Previously, a handful of enthusiasts had taken the initiative to organize a few meetings among Venturists to exchange and share their common passion for this exceptional motorcycle.

Faced with an increasing demand from many Venturists, the need for structuring became imperative. In 1993, the core group behind this initiative established a legal structure in the form of a nonprofit association. The VENTURE CLUB DE FRANCE was born. Based in AZAY LE RIDEAU, the club has continuously seen its membership grow.

In October 2000, following the election of a new President, the club’s headquarters changed its address and established its new base in Auvergne.

It has been led successively by several presidents, but since 2017, the club has been permanently based in Brittany and has changed its name to the current Royal Venture Club de France.


The club’s motto

Friendship, Conviviality, Respect, and Solidarity! These words were chosen by all to appear in all our exchanges. They are ever-present, and we are very proud of them. Today’s world imposes too many constraints and selfishness to add more of them in the associative world. Volunteers invest their time and all their passion to run the club as best as possible. The fantastic dynamics of this club will only continue if we prioritize people and relationships. If everyone wants the club to benefit them, they must also want to contribute to it.



The annual membership fee is set at 45 euros. To be a member, you must be the owner of a Yamaha Venture, 1200cc or 1300cc, all models and all vintages. Friends of the members (or former members who have changed motorcycles) are also members and participate just like the Venturists in all the activities. You will be sponsored for this by former members or your druid.


The structure

The club currently has about 150 members spread across the entire country. To coordinate all of this, a council of druids volunteers and passionately manages the club. These Regional Delegates are present to relay information to members in each region. In total, the club has about twenty Responsible members.

The Board consists of an honorary president, a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer, and a very patient Secretary (Kisses, Jeanne!). A newsletter, a real link for all members, is prepared and sent directly to all members. It is managed by volunteer “newsletter writers” who do a great job! This link cannot exist without the participation, no matter how small, of all members. Your photos, texts, and moods are welcome.


The spirit

We are not ‘hunting for new members’; we simply inform. If some do not wish to join, we continue to inform Venture owners about the events that the club organizes. At gatherings, the atmosphere is very family-oriented and not sectarian. Indeed, if a Venturist wishes to be accompanied by a biker friend who does not own a Venture, there is no problem.

Of course, a non-member fee will be applied, and that’s it! Also, at our gatherings, a few GOLDWING, GUZZI, and even HARLEY (yes, yes!!) riders accompany us. Some owners of motorcycles of the same type as the VENTURE, who do not appreciate the atmosphere of their respective national club, regularly attend our rallies.

We are very proud of this spirit. Do not think that we are old grumps who are bitter about no longer seeing our beauty in the catalogs. On the contrary, at our gatherings, some joyful people do not forget to sing the praises of friendship and remind us to enjoy the present moment!


Used parts

Our friend Patrick Gitton, throughout the year, works hard to solve the technical problems of everyone. Motorcycle scrap yards regularly send him information about their motorcycles and parts. But let’s be clear: you must be a member to access this service. It is out of the question to use the investment of volunteers for simple consumers (this is valid for all our actions!).


Yamaha Motor France

We have excellent relations with the manufacturer. This motorcycle is only available secondhand. YMF provides us with technical support. But to protect these quality exchanges, the mechanical part is managed exclusively by the druid Mr. Pièces (alias Patrick Gitton). It is, of course, not advised for everyone to call YAMAHA FRANCE without a first contact with Patrick.



It is possible to subscribe to the forum to stay informed about the latest gossip or to lend a hand to a friend in trouble. It is, in any case, an additional space for communication and sharing as much information as possible. Do not hesitate to contact our webmaster druid, (Pierre Klein, alias Caillou), for access to our Forum.
For your information, there are 5 discussion spaces available:

  • The druids: for members of the Board of Directors exclusively
  • The Club: reserved for members
  • The workshop: reserved for members
  • Jokes: reserved for members
  • Public: open to everyone after validated authentication


Foreign clubs

After some exchanges, we all met on the occasion of the 1st European rally organized on September 15, 1996, by the Venture Club of the Netherlands. A significant dynamic was born, allowing us to meet more and more Venturists among the members of the Venture Club of Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, Slovakia, and Belgium (The newcomers!).

Some of our members live in Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg, evidence of our openness to others…


In summary! ! !

You will be welcome in the big family of Venturists, and the entire team of Druids welcomes you.